Processing Jobs in a Console Application

To start using Hangfire in a console application, you’ll need to install Hangfire packages to your console application first. So, use your Package Manager Console window to install it:

PM> Install-Package Hangfire.Core

Then, install the needed package for your job storage. For example, you need to execute the following command to use SQL Server:

PM> Install-Package Hangfire.SqlServer

Hangfire.Core package is enough

Please don’t install the Hangfire package for console applications as it is a quick-start package only and contain dependencies you may not need (for example, Microsoft.Owin.Host.SystemWeb).

After installing the packages, all you need is to create a new Hangfire Server instance that’s responsible for background job processing. You can do this by creating a new instance of the BackgroundJobServer class, which will bootstrap everything required for background job processing in its constructor.

However, since we shouldn’t exit from our console application immediately, we should block it somehow, and the easiest way is to use the Console.ReadKey method as shown below.

using System;
using Hangfire;
using Hangfire.SqlServer;

namespace ConsoleApplication2
    class Program
        static void Main()

            using (var server = new BackgroundJobServer())
                Console.WriteLine("Hangfire Server started. Press any key to exit...");