Hangfire project consists of a couple of NuGet packages available on NuGet Gallery site. Here is the list of basic packages you should know about:

  • Hangfire – bootstrapper package that is intended to be installed only for ASP.NET applications that uses SQL Server as a job storage. It simply references to Hangfire.Core, Hangfire.SqlServer and Microsoft.Owin.Host.SystemWeb packages.

  • Hangfire.Core – basic package that contains all core components of Hangfire. It can be used in any project type, including ASP.NET application, Windows Service, Console, any OWIN-compatible web application, Azure Worker Role, etc.

Install Microsoft.Owin.Host.SystemWeb package for ASP.NET + IIS

If you are using custom installation within a web application hosted in IIS, do not forget to install the Microsoft.Owin.Host.SystemWeb package. Otherwise some features, like graceful shutdown may not work.

Using Package Manager Console

PM> Install-Package Hangfire

Using NuGet Package Manager

Right-click on your project in Visual Studio and choose the Manage NuGet Packages menu item. Search for Hangfire and install the chosen package:

NuGet Package Manager window